Transforming digital business

We challenge organizations to transform and digitize their operating models and support them with the implementation of reforms. We provide our insights about the new opportunities brought by modern technology. We ensure that technological choices are integrated into the organization’s operations and information systems. We help organizations to manage and capitalize information as part of their operations and decision-making processes. In change projects, we create a concrete plan that allows the innovations to have an impact as quickly as possible in the organization’s business.

There are usually several ways to solve problem. Huld has an in-depth understanding of software architectures and systems. Together with Huld, clients can explore a range of solutions that meet their requirements, while understanding the risks each solution entails. During a feasibility study Huld will investigate the best solutions and systematically evaluate for criteria important to the client such as performance, safety and cost. The feasibility study will produce a thorough report that will provide clear recommendations on how to proceed. All recommendations will be supported by evidence from simulations, prototyping and analysis.

However, the technology does not control the change – a successful change project requires people to be taken into consideration as an essential part of the success of the transformation. As external experts, we help to design the change-implementation process and offer support for its duration.


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