Digital change/transformation requires mapping the organization’s IT architecture, information system integrations, new information systems and software, and the design of new smart devices.

Our extensive experience in leading digital change projects and our expertise in information systems and software, technologies, design automation, and the potential of the IoT and embedded systems have provided us with a broad view of the digital innovations that are appropriate for different industries.

However, technology cannot bring about the desired changes without successful deployment, new operating models and the right attitude.

Successful completion of digital change projects

Digital change or transformation requires the completion of several challenging change projects that are not always given enough resources internally. External assistance in the challenges of digitalization will help you to see the whole project from a different perspective and successfully bring change projects to completion. In addition to technological choices, it is extremely important to invest in the management of a change project, in the introduction of new technologies, in the development of know-how and in monitoring the implementation of changes in operations. We act as external and impartial experts, service designers and project managers in managing digital change, so that the benefits of the changes can be seen in the organization’s business as quickly as possible.

We help organisations to:

  • Ensure that changes are beneficial from a business perspective
  • Identify the right solutions for the business
  • Acquire or implement the right information systems, solutions and intelligent devices
  • Integrate new information systems into existing ones
  • Introduce new information systems, solutions and intelligent devices
  • Take care of the information security challenges posed by new technologies
  • Ensure that the changes have the desired effect

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