Advanced data analytics

We provide analytics services for industrial customers and for product development organizations who aim to utilize and find valuable insight from their data. We use statistical methods, machine learning techniques and modern neural-network-based models in our analysis.

Analysis services are typically used in the following applications:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Process optimization

Algorithm development

Algorithm development is an important aspect of developing products which perform measurements. Typically, measurement devices utilize multiple sensors to function reliably. Algorithms must then be designed to combine different sensor information to succeed in their role. In addition, algorithms must be calibrated to handle data from variable measurement conditions.

Huld provides algorithm development support for organizations who require:

  • Analysis of the algorithm performance
  • Sensor fusion
  • Algorithm calibration
  • Firmware and device drivers

Machine vision

Recent advancements in deep learning have brought computer vision methods much closer to commercial applications. With the availability of open source libraries, prototyping has become an affordable way to investigate benefits computer vision in products and services. Huld has specialized in neural-network-based object detection and image segmentation.

We provide product development support for companies who aim to utilize computer vision applications to support their business. We have capability train, validate and implement various machine learning models and also deploy the models on the “edge” in a small form factor.


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