ICT consultancy services support the digitalisation of health care

Implementing the changes related to digitalisation requires solid experience that cannot always be found inside organisations. External assistance in managing the challenges posed by digitalisation helps to understand the entity from different perspectives and to complete change projects successfully. In addition to technological choices, it is extremely important to invest in the management of the change project, ensuring the commencement of new technologies, development of expertise, and monitoring the implementation of the operational change. We observe the special features of the health care sector and complete change projects one step at a time.

We assist health care organisations to:

  • Ensure that the changes are beneficial to business operations
  • Identify solutions suited to the sector
  • Acquire or implement the correct data systems, solutions, and smart devices
  • Integrate new data systems as part of other data systems
  • Implement the new data systems, solutions, and smart devices
  • Manage the information security challenges posed by new technologies
  • Monitor that the changes have the desired impact

Special expertise in the design of the mechanics and electronics of health care devices

Our comprehensive expertise in the health care sector also covers the development of health care devices from design to mechanics and electronics. We are used to observing the requirements of the operating field in product design, and also provide operational safety and information security services. We understand the critical role that the reliability of equipment and the security of the data processed by them play in the health care sector.

Our past projects have been related to equipment that are used e.g. for diagnosing asthma, quantitative and qualitative measurements, observing molecular pathogens, smart access control, efficient resourcing of care, and nurse calls.


User-friendly software solutions

We have implemented several software development projects for health care organisations and companies that produce software and equipment for the needs of the heath care sector.

Pikatiedote — an efficient quick messaging solution for targeted distribution of information to user groups

The  Pikatiedote quick notification solution conveys notifications efficiently to the Windows workstations or virtual desktops of the users. Typically, the solution is used to notify users of system errors or exceptional situations (information management/communication). Notifications can be targeted towards the entire organisation, various AD user groups, or individual users.

Kerralla — an efficient desktop menu for centralised application management

The Kerralla solution makes the everyday operations of the users easier, as only the applications they need in their work tasks will be displayed on their desktop. In addition, these applications can be accessed quickly through the Kerralla solution. The Kerralla solution enables centralised controlling of the application icons displayed on the users’ workstations by the information management. The information management can define and publish applications for the users based on their roles in a centralised fashion.

Luvalla — an efficient solution for the digital signing of commitments

The Luvalla solution enables managing the collection, updating, and monitoring of commitments electronically. The electronic commitment form will be displayed to the user in connection to signing in, making it easy to sign. The Luvalla solution provides an up-to-date picture of valid commitments and monitors the commitments automatically.

GalaxyMD — software built for hospitals, private cliniques but also for private ambulances and private general practitioners

System GalaxyMD brings new era of digitalization for healthcare, where the modern technologies are helping in serving the solution for more effective planning, ordering and generaly for whole management of healthcare facility. Find out more.


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