Product development services for the mechanical engineering industry

Huld has diverse experience in the needs of the mechanical engineering industry. Our services can be linked, for example, to the following:

Multi-technical smart machines

  • Lifts, industrial machines and equipment, electro-mechanics
  • Modern manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing
  • Machine safety features
  • Simulators and analyses

Work machines and vehicles

  • Industrial design and ergonomics design
  • Steel structures, power transmission, actuators, hydraulics
  • Cabin design
  • Vehicle electrification design
  • Model series update projects

Solutions for the maritime industry

  • Engine design
  • Container structures
  • Autonomous solutions, remote control rooms, smart maritime navigation.
  • Equipment design

Lifting accessories and production tools

  • Turn-key solutions

Robust and autonomous measurement and control devices

Robust and autonomous measurement and control devices are a prerequisite for modern industrial applications.

Designing and building an industrial grade measurement device requires consideration from many perspectives:

  • What hardware is required to perform the task?
  • How the software should behave to conserve energy?
  • If the device is handheld, how it should be designed so that it is ergonomic to use?
  • In what situations the measurement could cause danger to its operators?
  • Or maybe there is no operator at all, in which case how should the system behave when parts of it fail? What decisions it is allowed to perform on its own?

Depending on the situation, some of the above considerations are more important than others. In our projects, we make sure to spend sufficient time to understand the relevant requirements. For example, when operator safety is critical, we follow best practices of functional safety. In cases where the potential use case is yet to be fully defined, business design activities and prototyping let us find the relevant requirements quickly.

For measurements and control applications, we find the below features most important:

  • Robustness: sensor failures are recognized and sensor data is processed with algorithms, which are accurate but fail gracefully.
  • Autonomy: control software of the device can perform tasks automatically and recover from failure conditions on its own.


We work with wide range of industrial companies, and have experience of designing measurement devices and control software ranging from large safety critical machines to small handheld devices. Our services include:

  • Business design and prototyping
  • Industrial design and ergonomics
  • Hardware and software design
  • Functional safety and digital security
  • Algorithm development and data analysis

A digitalisation partner of organisations offering industrial services

We help our industrial customers renew their operating models and create new kinds of smart services that enhance the competitiveness of our customers and the efficiency of their operations, whilst also enabling a better customer experience.

We start with the conceptualisation of the business models and utilise service design methods in order to create services that offer a superior customer experience. We can deliver secure software solutions from embedded systems to mobile applications and cloud-based solutions that have been developed by using the technologies chosen by our customers. We process business data from data received from various sources such as IoT sensors that can be utilised in creating genuinely smart solutions that enhance the performance of our customers.

Managing the digital transformation

Our extensive experience in managing digital transformation projects and knowledge in data systems and software, modern technologies such as machine learning, design automation, and the opportunities provided by the IoT and embedded systems have given us profound insight into the digital reforms needed in each operating field. However, technology cannot bring about the desired transformation without successful commencement and new operating models, and a new kind of attitude.

Visualisation of data and analytics

We process data provided by smart devices and other data sources into business data. Our customers in a wide range of operating fields have given us an extensive understanding of business operations, enabling us to make the most of our technical expertise. We understand the significance of the life cycle management of data and information security.

Our special fields of expertise in processing and analysing data are:

  • Location-based visualisation
  • Machine learning (AI) and analytics
  • Data management solutions
  • Data lifecycle management and information security

Software development

We implement various types of software projects and solutions from embedded software to more extensive data system projects and modern visualisation and user interface solutions by using the technologies and platforms selected by the customer

  • Embedded systems
  • Online services
  • Mobile applications
  • Data systems

IoT – enhancing the transparency and efficiency of business operations

We design and implement even the most demanding IoT solutions for your company from business concepts to turnkey solutions. Our extensive expertise in equipment development and sensors also enable implementing solutions for demanding environments and conditions. In addition, we implement web and mobile applications starting with availability planning for all best-known platforms.

Customised IoT solutions that have been optimised in terms of availability enhance the transparency and efficiency of business operations.


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