Welcome to Huld, the House of Great Minds!

We are proud of and excited about all our Great Minds, Huldians, who with their different skill sets, experience and background are the core of Huld. Together we create innovative and intelligent solutions that last beyond tomorrow, solutions that would not be possible without our Great Minds.

The House of Great Minds, our working community, consists of independent thinkers, keen learners, empathetic and courageous people.

We are from different educational background, ethnic groups, all ages, shapes and sizes. What unites us is the passion to succeed and create solutions that take the journey with our customers beyond tomorrow.

Why Huld?

We are looking for Huldians who are willing to put their personality on the line, who bring their experience and know-how and thus make us even better as a working community.

We do not sell or manufacture products, we solve unique problems, and therefore each of us is important.

We have a variety of experts like software and hardware developers, cyber security specialists, mechanical designers, industrial and packaging designers, technical analysts, and technical writers.

Start your journey by getting to know us and some of our Great Minds

Young and talented Huldians!

Meet Jimi, Aino & Mathias and find out why they want to work at Huld.

Home return of Great Minds!

Meet Kevin, Puja & Sami and find out why they wanted to return Huld after working somewhere else for a while.

The door is open for new huldians to join our House of Great Minds!


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Petra Parsiala

People & Culture
+358 41 367 5343

Petra Parsiala


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