Mirka: Handy sanding block

Mirka has developed a new ergonomic hand sanding block to make it easier to handle surfaces that are usually difficult to sand. Handy sanding block is connected to a vacuum cleaner to ensure dust-free sanding. Handy has been planned especially for sanding putty and it supports Mirka’s unique Abranet net abrasive technology.

You hold Handy ergonomically with two hands and it is easy to move on the surface – because of the holes in the upper surface, the suction and air flow is optimal. You can increase or decrease the suction by adjusting a suction valve. Handy supports Mirka’s Abranet-abrasive technology, which makes the working environment healthier. In addition to that, Abranet is very durable.

Huld has participated the design and mechanical engineering of Handy in close co-operation with Mirka product development.