Smooth and Beautiful Documentation for Sartorius

Sartorius, a leading international company for laboratory and process technology, has its core business and special knowledge area in bioprocesses as well as laboratory products and services.

Huld’s has been cooperating with Sartorius in the field of documentation since 2017. From Sartorius’ point of view, it is rational to outsource documentation. Professional actors can handle varying workloads while maintaining high quality, as all documentation is required to fulfill regulatory requirements for medical devices.

Huld has delivered professional and flexible documentation service from Huld’s own workstations. The bearing thought is to make the client’s life easier and to provide support.

The cooperation began with maintenance of user manuals and has since deepened with the development of new products and their instructions. As we speak, the company is working on renewing its brand, which also includes update of their entire product documentation. This means that all document illustrations as well as the visual appearance of manuals are carried out according to Sartorius’ new brand. Huld uses informative illustrations to make it easier for the end user to implement a new product and see to its maintenance.

Documentation has a central role in creating good customer experience, as manuals and quick reference handbooks may be the end user’s first – and sometimes only – contact with the manufacturer. It is therefore important that the documentation is reliable, credible, and coherent with the company’s brand appearance.

“Huld is a pleasant partner to work with. Mutual confidence has been a fundamental part of our work together. Our cooperation has proceeded very smoothly, with beautiful end results. With the help of documentation created by Huld, Sartorius can distinguish itself from competition and communicate its brand image in a consequent way”, says Hannes Jantunen, chief for product development at Sartorius.

“We at Huld are grateful to be able to work together with Sartorius. Their product development personnel are very professional, friendly and easy to work with”, experts at Huld Anu Liukko, Riitta Kasolli and Emmi Helanne say in unison.

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