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Design is not about how beautiful products and services are. In fact, good design is, first and foremost, about fit for purpose: why the product or service is needed in the first place and what should it even be. This means that design, as a process, is used to ensure that business requirements, technological feasibility and needs of the end user are taken into account appropriately.

What does appropriately mean? It depends, of course. For some services it is crucial that the service is easy to take into use. For other cases, appropriate could mean that a product is easy to maintain due to requiring fewer replacement parts. Naturally, a beautiful appearance and good brand match are also important in many cases.

Huld offers design thinking services for product and service design. Furthermore, user experience of software is often a key component in modern product and service development.

We differ from design studios by possessing a strong technological understanding: for years, we have engineered machines, intelligent devices, algorithms and IT systems. Our customers appreciate that we understand their operating world well in addition to our creative design skills. Please see the below description of our design services and also check out our industrial knowledge

Industrial Design

  • Product updates
  • Brand and design guidelines
  • Design concepts
  • Consulting on utilizing design principles in R&D

User Experience Design

  • Software UI and UX design
  • User interface of physical products
  • User interface prototypes and concepts

Service Design

  • Service and contact point definition
  • Co-creation, workshops
  • B2B service design, for example spare part services

Further information on the service design pages.

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