Success  Stories Where Physical and Digital Worlds Meet

Combining the digital and the physical worlds has generated innovation success stories and improved business ideas by improving productivity and creating new business logics.

In a competetive world a business-driven technology development is all about speed – speed of development and creation, speed of learning and adopting, speed of testing.

Huld’s Business Design -framework answers to the speed requirements by providing methods and tools, that we have created together with our customers. The methods we have created are based on Design Thinking. When adopting Design Thinking to creating new businesses, we talk about Business Design.


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Design Thinking is not Rocket Science, part 2/2

In our previous blog post we described what is design thinking. Read it here. Now…

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Design Thinking is not Rocket Science, part 1/2

Design Thinking is not rocket science, but design thinking can be used, when planning services…

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