Product design and development services

We deliver projects from beginning to end, supplying everything needed to create workable solutions – be it mechanics, software, electronics, simulations, documentation, packages and finding the right suppliers and manufacturers.

Our customers will get a tested and certified product ready for mass production start and market entry cost efficiently. This way you can focus on building your business and getting winning products to the market faster.

We also offer proof-of-concepts, rapid prototyping, visualization, videos and demo devices to support your business decision making.

Projects are done in close collaboration with customers, using streamlined and agile development methods to ensure transparency and tracking of the project.

In addition to turnkey projects, we offer product development professionals and virtual teams to speed-up our customers development work.


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Posti’s new mail and newspaper delivery rack for postal vehicles is efficient and easy to use

New technology and smart sorting automatization are changing the way mail and newspapers are delivered…

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Huld ensured the quality of the software on board the new Sentinel-6 satellite to help predict rises in sea levels

In 2016, Airbus Defence and Space Germany selected Huld as the Independent Software Verification and…

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Breaking AM -video series continues!

Breaking AM is back with a new episode! This time we test a plastic cable…

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Together we exceed any limitations of 3D printing

The moral of this story: exceeding restrictions together takes us further.  What comes to AM,…

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