We Master Versatile Technologies

Huld can design Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, HDI, RF and MCPCB circuit boards. Our expertise in various PCB technologies is extensive and we have a strong knowledge of materials, manufacturing technologies and cost factors in PCB design.

We are taking security in embedded systems seriously, and therefore our philosophy is to integrate security in hardware and software layers since the very beginning of the projects.

We carry out modifications and testing of prototype series during product development in our own product-development laboratories. In addition, we perform environmental and EMC testing through our partner network.
We also have years of experience from electrical design to heavy vehicles.

  • Practical knowledge from installation, cost optimization, introduction, and maintenance
  • Electrical schematics design
  • Component selection
  • Cable harness design and manufacturing documentation
  • Layout design
  • Manufacturing and product structures
  • Change management and updates to existing designs

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Timo Latvala

Business Unit Director
Intelligent Devices
+358 405504414

Timo Latvala