Bold Ideas with a Human Touch

Huld takes you beyond what the digital and physical world has to offer. Whether conquering space, reshaping consumer behavior, or innovating in forest industry, we take on every project with pioneering thinking, technology, and design. Let’s rewrite the rules of what is possible.

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Huld is the Boldest Technology and Design House in the Galaxy

Our values, humane and bold, are guiding our way of working. Bold ideas and actions are needed to overcome the challenges in the world. We believe design and technology help our society, but they are the answer only if we choose the best solutions for humans and for our planet. We need to focus on users and sustainability as well as safety and security while designing and developing new digital services and technological solutions. 

What can we do for you?

We navigate smoothly between the physical and digital worlds, offering an internationally unique combination of human-centered software and product design expertise. Together, we can build meaningful digital services and innovative products that last for tomorrow – and beyond.

Digital Services and Software

Digital Services and Software

Digital Innovation is born when technology, business viability and human desirability meet.

Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development

We offer award winning product design services from ideas to execution under one roof.

Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

We have experience from mission critical systems to robust consumer products.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

For us, safety and security play a central part in digitalization.

Success stories


Sleipner Finland – Fully Electric and Autonomous Transport Solution


Kattokeskus Trusts Huld in Developing Digital Service Business

Varex Imaging

Varex Imaging – Speed, Safety and Quality with Huld’s Electronics Design


Septentrio: Industrial and Mechanical Design for GNSS Smart Antenna Device


Pirha – Accessible Website with UX/UI Design

Blastman Robotics

Blastman Robotics’ Tailored Blast Cleaning Systems