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We offer technology design for forward-looking customers. We bring more intelligence to our customers’ business – and to the entire world.
We navigate smoothly between the physical and digital, and combine them in a creative way.

We offer an internationally unique combination of software and product development expertise. With us, you build intelligent solutions that last for tomorrow – and beyond that.


10000 Projects completed
400 Huldians
30 Revenue / M EUR
10 Offices
17 Great Place to Work -ranking


We believe in tomorrow, where the physical and the digital worlds merge. We expand our understanding of future solutions every day and apply what we have learned in one industry to also other industries. We are known for our problem-solving skills, especially in the industrial, space, healthcare, and national defence sectors.

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We create success stories from opportunities where the physical and the digital world meet. Business solutions of the future, the digital transformation, and product and software development are at the core of our expertise. Our work always originates from customer needs. Together we harness the best solutions to serve the goals of business operations.

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