Huld stands for Humane and Bold

Huld is the boldest technology and design house in the galaxy

Our values, humane and bold, are guiding our way of working. Bold ideas and actions are needed to overcome the challenges in the world. We believe design and technology help our society, but they are the answer only if we choose the best solutions for humans and for our planet. We need to focus on users and sustainability as well as safety and security while designing and developing new digital services and technological solutions.

We operate where the physical and digital worlds meet, and turn emerging opportunities into success stories. We constantly increase our understanding from emerging technologies and apply our learnings from one industry to another.

We are ambitious and insightful professionals, who are bold enough to challenge new ideas to ensure the best possible solutions for clients needs – not only for now, but also for the upcoming needs beyond tomorrow. Together with our clients, we harness the best solutions to reach the set business goals.

We work with passion and respect each other. We trust each other, and our clients trust us. Our clients have described us Huldians human-oriented, service-minded, flexible, responsive and reliable.