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Embedded Solutions

We have experience from mission critical systems to robust consumer products.

Embedded systems from space satellites to industrial platforms

We all use embedded systems everyday, whether we know it or not. The physical and digital worlds are merging and we can help you to design and develop intelligent embedded systems of tomorrow.

Embedded solution is a combination of both hardware and software. We have extensive understanding from the digital software and physical hardware aspects of the embedded solution. With our functional safety and digital security capabilities, we can make sure new embedded solutions are safe and secure for all of us.

Find out through our discover, design, develop and deliver phases, how we create intelligent and safe embedded solutions which last for tomorrow and beyond.


In Discover phase, we figure out the answer to the questions why and what. We will ask all the difficult questions and give our feedback and insights. When we have a clear goal from the beginning, we can make sure the product is a success for the users and for your business.


Once we have identified suitable opportunities, we design concrete frameworks to help us reach the finish line. We create an impact by putting human needs at the center in every step when we design embedded solutions.


In develop phase we use our extensive technology and engineering experience to build the meaningful embedded solution. As our customer, you are involved in our journey through the entire development process. Together, we make visions come true.


The Deliver phase follows through the whole journey from discover to develop. With our deliver capabilities we make sure you get what we have promised.

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Huld ensured the quality of the software on board the new Sentinel-6 satellite to help predict rises in sea levels

In 2016, Airbus Defence and Space Germany selected Huld as the Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV) contractor to ensure the quality of the Sentinel-6 satellite’s software. After four years, the satellite will be launched on November 21, 2020. The mission is the first NASA-ESA (the European Space Agency) joint effort in an Earth science satellite mission, where Airbus is prime contractor to ESA.

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Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Tiira provides a benchmark solution for general GNSS processing and a framework for development of any new algorithm you can imagine.

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Digital Services and Software

Digital Services and Software

Digital Innovation is born when technology, business viability and human desirability meet.

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Product Design and Development

We offer award winning product design services from the ideas to execution under one roof.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

For us, safety and security play a central part in digitalization.