Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions for Beyond Tomorrow

As the physical and digital worlds are merging, we use embedded solutions daily – whether we know it or not. Now, designing and developing intelligent embedded solutions is more important than ever.

Whether you are working with embedded software, electronics design, enclosure design, connectivity, wireless technologies, functional safety, safety critical systems, testing, or test automation, we can help you.

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Areas of expertise

Design & Development

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software in machinery, space, railway, mining, medical, IoT, or defense domain – you name it, we have expertise for it.

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Electronics Design

From initial system design to prototyping and mass production, our specialists are here for you.

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Connectivity and Wireless Technologies

Almost all modern devices have connectivity, wireless capabilities and requirements. Let’s ensure that yours are well taken care of.

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Enclosure Design

Enclosures and casings have different demands depending on the product. Let’s see that yours are met effortlessly.

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Consulting & Validation

Functional Safety and Safety Critical Systems

Where lives and businesses are at stake, we find safety critical systems. Whether the domain is medical, nuclear, or space, we navigate it safely with you.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

If you want a functional and safe product, quality assurance is vital. Test system design and setup, test automation, test specifics and implementation are all where our experts shine.

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Project Management

All successful projects have one thing in common – great project management. Leadership, communication, resource optimization, and risk mitigation are its ingredients.

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Success stories

Varex Imaging

Varex Imaging – Speed, Safety and Quality with Huld’s Electronics Design


Sooma: User-Friendly Medical Device for Home Care


Huld to validate the software of MDA’s Canadarm3 robotic system


In the Future Minerals Might be Extracted from Materials Outside Planet Earth

Airbus Defence and Space

Huld ensured the quality of the software on board the new Sentinel-6 satellite to help predict rises in sea levels

Meteosat Third Generation

Meteosat Third Generation: Better weather data for all of us

Related insights

Safe autonomous underground mining supported by 5G and edge intelligence

Safe autonomous underground mining supported by 5G and edge intelligence

VTT, Nokia, and Sandvik together with other Finnish companies, Huld included, have taken steps towards deploying state-of-the-art 5G private wireless networks and edge intelligence to support autonomous mining.

Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Innovative open-source GNSS receiver – Tiira

Tiira provides a benchmark solution for general GNSS processing and a framework for development of any new algorithm you can imagine.

Look, it’s Huld flying past Earth on Friday morning!

Look, it’s Huld flying past Earth on Friday morning!

The BepiColombo spacecraft, carrying Huld’s software, will fly past Earth on the 10th April 2020.