Defence and National Security

Revolutionary Capabilities for Defence and National Security

Revolutionary Capabilities for Defence and National Security

We want to make the world more safe and secure. For this reason, we help our customers to achieve better situation awareness and more secure software solutions, and to use the experience of our other business domains in defence and national security, such as utilizing our world class knowledge in space solutions for national security.

Huld has experience in working with defence and national security projects for decades, and we are known of our unique capabilities in software development and software security, situation awareness and space based MIL applications.

Situational Awareness Solutions

Our long history in space business combined with our data analytics, data management and machine learning expertise allows us to develop, deliver and maintain revolutionary situational awareness solutions for land, sea, air and space. Our capabilities include, for example:

  • Algorithms powered measurement instruments
  • Autonomous non-GNSS navigation with machine vision based object detection
  • Advanced data analytics based on sensors
  • Machine learning assisted situational awareness and targeting
  • Tools for information sharing and co-operation with classified data

High Security Software for MIL and National Security

Our customers include those with higher-than-normal security requirements. We have the ability to provide our customers with secure information systems and software. The robustness of these is ensured by a number of security experts who work alongside our software developers. We also have audited production facilities (TL IV and TL III).

Space-Based MIL Systems

Huld Defence builds upon our a long systems engineering experience derived from implementing mission critical space solutions. This makes us a unique partner for Space based MIL systems development. Read more from our Space page.