Elevators and Lifting Equipment

Get ready to go sky-high!

We help you to find solutions to challenges that are driven by urbanization and digitalization

People-moving products such as elevators are smarter, more effective, and more connected than ever before. Digital age means also enriched experiences and services for the passengers. We design bold solutions to enhance the journey beyond tomorrow.

Winning products and services are created by combining innovative design, latest technology, and efficiency in both design and manufacturing.

Examples of our expertise for elevator industry:

Lifting and Hoisting equipment

Our engineering teams provide advanced skillset for lifting equipment design. Our approach to design is always user-centered with highest safety standards.

We value form, functionality and efficiency in both design and manufacturing.

Examples of product areas:

  • Hoisting and lifting machinery
  • Container carriers
  • Cranes
  • Lifting accessories and assembly tooling

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