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We can take your device from an early concept to a readymade product

Testing equipment is used in factories and laboratories all over the world to develop new products and make sure the manufactured product corresponds to the designed product.

Designing test and measurement products require understanding of physical phenomena combined with excellent electronics and software skills – a perfect challenge for us in other words. Huld is a one-stop-shop for the development of test and measurement equipment.

All Development Services from one Provider

Form is Function

Space is always at a premium. Designing for constrained environments requires design thinking where form and function combine. Huld’s cross-disciplinary teams with mechanical, electronic and software designers can tackle these challenges. Working with Huld, you can be confident that a working solution is found.

Signal Processing and Algorithm Development

Distinguishing a signal from noise is a key feature of any measurement equipment. Huld has years of experience of signal processing and algorithm development. This means that our customers get their products faster.

Machine Learning at the Edge

Machine learning (ML) is making inroads into intelligent control. Applications include image classification and replacing traditional control systems in challenging applications. ML edge applications are needed, when it is simply not practical to perform the calculations on a separate server or in the cloud. Huld has extensive experience of ML applications and of optimizing algorithmic implementations for embedded environments.

Production Testing

Production testing is key for ensuring manufacturing quality. Our tester approach is based on proven concepts, and we also use off-the-shelf equipment to speed up development. Many of our solutions are based on National Instruments LabVIEW and other common technologies.

For efficient and thorough production testing and cost-efficient product test solution development, the testability of the product must be considered already during product development. Design for testability is part of Hulds product development.

Connected Devices

It’s not only about designing measurements equipment, but typically this equipment need to be connected to cloud to provide services for various stakeholders. Device management, asset management and data collection are typical use cases that require connectivity for the devices. End users have access to the devices, data collected from the devices and value-added services through mobile, web or other user interfaces.​

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Intelligent Devices
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Timo Latvala

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