Autonomous intelligent vessels and ships are the future.

Autonomous intelligent vessels and ships are the future

The Future of marine industry will be shaped with new technological solutions. Ships will operate in an ecosystem based on digitalized and connected solutions. This enables higher operational availability, efficiency, zero emission, and improved safety. We bring you insights, how you can keep up with the changes and be a part of developing the future of Marine industry.

Services for Developing Future of Marine

Smart Marine

We provide design and innovation services for developing smart shipping solutions, such as remote navigation centers, underwater devices, smart vessels and equipment, and satellite communication technology.

Examples of our expertise for smart marine:

For Ports and Terminals

We provide various engineering services for intelligent cargo handling equipment and smart terminal solutions that are safe, reliable and offer improved performance.

For Cruise Ships and Vessels

We have the resources and skills required to successfully complete a wide range of design, engineering, and project management tasks for cruise ships and other vessel types.