Digital Services and Software

Designing and Delivering Desirable Digital Services

Huld has helped hundreds of organizations to develop world-class digital services and software.

With digital services and software solutions, we help you to gain competitive advantage, create innovative business models, and be more efficient in your operations.

We apply design thinking methodology to put the end user in the centre of the innovation process. This way, we can design desirable digital services and software, and more sustainable business models for you and your customers.

We cover the whole lifecycle of a digital service from idea to production. Continuous improvement can help you to lead your digital transformation journey beyond tomorrow.

Digital Change & Transformation

In the rapidly changing world, organizations need to be more agile and adaptive to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

We provide partnership and support to help you to transform your organization and culture to be up to these challenges with digital services and software solutions. Being leaner in everyday work-life while learning fast is the best way to lead your organization in an unpredictable future.

Digital Experiences

Most successful digital services are those designed by end-users in mind. We believe intuitive user experience and usability go hand in hand with visual design of digital services and software.

Our teams work closely with your customers and stakeholders to have the best insight in creating an impact for your business. We know that makes the difference to create outstanding and enjoyable digital experiences.

Technological Excellence

We provide flexible and agile digital technology expertise to create excellent digital services and software. We support your business and processes by driving innovation and growth of your digital transformation.

With long-standing partnerships and vast experience across the leading digital platforms, we can help you in every platform and touch-point from mobile to web, and emerging technologies.

Continuous Growth & Learning

The launch of the digital service is not the end of our journey. Together, we find out what people think of the service and develop it further based on the feedback to create digital services and software beyond tomorrow.

Areas of expertise

Digital Change & Transformation


Successful decision making requires understanding the big picture, involving different people, and digging deep into the problem. We help facilitate workshops that bring complex issues towards tangible action and strategy.


Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through business, information, process, and technology changes.

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Digital Experiences

Service Design

We apply proven design methodology, engage people in the design process, and blend the right combo of competences to build solutions that are customer-oriented, technologically feasible, and bring competitive advantage.

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UX/UI Design

Users are in the center of a modern digital services and products. We embrace user-centric design and thinking to build intuitive and aesthetic user experiences of tomorrow.

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Technological Excellence

AI & Data

Huld takes a business-driven approach to AI & Data. We tailor domain expertise with computer science excellence to drive high impact with higher feasibility.

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Digital Safety &

Our services help organizations in digital and functional safety matters. With our help, you can ensure that information security is taken into consideration in any new solutions, and that they are safe to use.

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Web Development

We can help you to build modern web services and applications for your needs using latest web technology for both front-end and back-end development.

Cloud Solutions

Most of the modern mobile and web services are born as global. To be able build world-class scalable services and products it is essential to build scalable, robust and secure cloud solutions.

Mobile Development

We design and develop world-class mobile services and applications so you can ensure that your customers are having the most lovable mobile experiences.

Continuous Growth & Learning

Change & Project

Our experienced senior project managers lead the work of the team to achieve goals and meet success criteria in time and budget. We are experienced with a range of different industries and fields of expertise.

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Lifecycle of a digital service and software solution is what makes or breaks it. We support and help you with all stages of the development and lifecycle.

Quality Assurance
& Testing

Quality plays an essential role in digital services and software solutions. With our software quality assurance services, we can ensure the high quality of your software project in all stages.

Success stories

Vaasan Sähkö

Vaasan Sähkö mobile app provides a quick and easy way to manage daily energy matters

Hilla Group

Flexible user interface design for Hilla Group’s online services


User-centred web development created Lomaunelmia webservice in record time


Anyone can now design compatible applications to Suunto smart watches – SuuntoPlus™


ABB and Devatus looking into the potential of DeviceVault in remote access of physical devices

VR FleetCare

VR FleetCare: Top Results with Knowledge Management