Product Design and Development

Successful Product Design and Development of Tomorrow

We offer award winning product design and development services from ideas to execution under one roof. We help you design and develop meaningful products and solutions which last for tomorrow – and beyond.

We deliver projects from beginning to end, supplying everything needed to create workable solutions for your needs, be it aesthetics, usability, mechanics, documentation, packages, or finding the right suppliers and manufacturers for your business. We use agile methods, additive manufacturing, and simulations to increase efficiency of our collaboration.

With us, you will get a tested and certified product ready for production, and make market entry cost efficiently. This way, you can focus on building your business and bringing winning products to the market faster.

Areas of expertise

Industrial Design

Our focus is to create additional value for your business with design, ensuring success of your business for tomorrow and beyond.

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Mechanical Design

We know what it takes to create innovative machines, from concept to production with you, no matter which business you work in.

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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis provides you with valuable information for decision-making. How to improve performance or cost structure? Let’s analyze and find out together.

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We define and design the controls of your machines, electrical and hydraulic power lines, and energy storage to fulfill your working cycle’s needs.

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Packaging Design

Packaging design reinforces your brand, protects your products and eases logistics. Quality, efficiency, sustainability – we have the experts for you.

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Technical Documentation

Professional technical documentation is part of any risk-management process. We can provide you with a structured documentation environment and modern documentation process – no tool investment is required.

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Project Management

All successful projects have one thing in common: great project management. Leadership, communication, resource optimization and risk mitigation are its ingredients.

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Success stories


Scaling up IQM’s quantum computing manufacturing with technical documentation


Clean lines for Volter’s next generation woodchip powerplant with mechanical design


Uniform visual branding for Obelux product family


Vallox – Elegant ventilation technology without sacrificing quality


Valmet’s technology replaces plastic products in the packaging industry with wood fibre


Packaging design harmonizes iLOQ’s product packages and logistics

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