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Product Design and Development

We offer award winning product design services from the ideas to execution under one roof.

Successful Products of Tomorrow

We deliver projects from beginning to end, supplying everything needed to create workable solutions – be it aesthetics,  usability, mechanics, documentation, packages and finding the right suppliers and manufacturers for your business. We also use e.g. agile methods, additive manufacturing and simulations to increase efficiency of the projects.

You will get a tested and certified product ready for production start and make market entry cost efficiently. This way you can focus on building your business and getting winning products to the market faster.

Find out through our discover, design, develop and deliver phases, how we design and develop meaningful products and solutions which last for tomorrow and beyond.


In Discover phase, we figure out the answer to the questions why and what. We will ask all the difficult questions and give our feedback and insights. When we have a clear goal from the beginning, we can make sure the product is a success for the users and for your business.


Once we have identified suitable opportunities, we design concrete frameworks to help us reach the finish line. We create an impact by putting users at the center in every step when we design products beyond tomorrow.


In develop phase we use our extensive technology and engineering experience to build the meaningful products. As our customer, you are involved in our journey through the entire development process. Together, we make visions come true.


The deliver phase follows through the whole journey from discover to develop. With our deliver capabilities we make sure you get what we have promised.

Kosti Niemelä

Business Unit Director
Machines and Vehicles
+358 40 766 0654

Kosti Niemelä

Niko Kotsalainen

Director, Product Design
+358 50 560 8410

Niko Kotsalainen

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Digital Services and Software

Digital Services and Software

Digital Innovation is born when technology, business viability and human desirability meet.

Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

We have experience from mission critical systems to robust consumer products.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

For us, safety and security play a central part in digitalization.