For Safer Railways

Development services for safer railways

For device and equipment makers we can provide turn-key development services. We understand the complex environment of railway devices and equipment, and we also have in-depth knowledge of the railway safety standards EN50126, EN50129 and EN50128. Our experience covers both on-board and track-side equipment. With the increasing importance of ERTMS, We can also be your partner in digitalizing rail traffic.

The increasing demands of functionality and comfort also impacts rail carriage design. With years of experience of machine and vehicle design, we can help you modernize your rail carriages faster.

Independent Safety Assessments

Huld is an accredited provider of Independent Safety Assessments for railway control, command and signalling subsystem (CCS) and Rolling Stock subsystems (RST).

Success stories

VR FleetCare

VR FleetCare: Top Results with Knowledge Management


Huld helped EKE-Electronics expand into new markets


Huld acts as a key partner to Mipro

Related insights

Huld railway ISA now covers EN 50716

Huld railway ISA now covers EN 50716

We are pleased to announce that the scope of our accreditation has recently been extended to include the new standard EN 50716 “Railway Applications. Requirements for software development”. As of December 2023, EN 50716 supersedes the two well-known standards for safety-critical railway software development, EN 50128 and EN 50657.

From Data Analytics to Data Management

From Data Analytics to Data Management

Data analytics goes hand in hand with data management. With data analytics, we developed a solution for predictive maintenance of railway infrastructure with our client VR FleetCare. Together, data analytics and data management open doors to new business opportunities.

Data Analytics and Prediction

Data Analytics and Prediction

Gathering data has become easier and more effortless than before. The benefits of data are multiple: it allows you to find more efficient solutions and make smarter choices. Together with VR FleetCare, we developed a solution for proactive maintenance of railway infrastructure with data analytics.