Mastery of the Machines

Modern machines are typically a combination of physical products and digitalized services. Machines can for example analyze and optimize their operation independently to improve performance and save energy. This means multi-technical solutions that include advanced engineering such as mechanics, material technology, technical analyses, electronics, and software.

Examples of our expertise:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Mining equipment, rock crushers
  • Cleantech and process machinery
  • Mechatronics and electric motors
  • Production tools, jigs, and testing devices

World of the Vehicles

Image a harvester or mining vehicle that can operate electrically and autonomously based on real-time data gathered via sensors. Combine this with high-tech material and energy technology, and as a result you will get vehicles that are safer, produce less emissions and provide higher productivity.

Our design and engineering teams help you to create these future-proof vehicles for different segments, from smaller utility vehicles to heavy-duty mobile machinery: all-terrain vehicles, harvesters, tractors, and farming vehicles as well as mining machines.

Electrification and Electrical Drivetrain

Modern machines and equipment utilize electricity. We have a solution for all uses of electricity. Electricity enables environmentally sustainable solutions from energy sources to the operating environment. We design future’s intelligent, efficient, and eco-friendly electric technologies and vehicle/machine systems. This also includes battery assemblies, charging systems and electrical drivetrains.


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