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Mastery of the Machines and World of the Vehicles

We Design Machines and Vehicles Beyond Tomorrow

We have diverse experience in the needs of the mechanical engineering industry from mechatronics to heavy duty vehicles. We help you to build success stories of tomorrow by combining innovative design, latest technology, and efficiency in both design and manufacturing.

Mastery of the Machines

Modern machines are typically a combination of physical products and digitalized services. Machines can for example analyze and optimize their operation independently to improve performance and save energy. This means multi-technical solutions that include advanced engineering such as mechanics, material technology, technical analyses, electronics, and software.

Examples of our expertise:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Mining equipment, rock crushers
  • Cleantech and process machinery
  • Mechatronics and electric motors
  • Production tools, jigs, and testing devices

World of the Vehicles

Image a harvester or mining vehicle that can operate electrically and autonomously based on real-time data gathered via sensors. Combine this with high-tech material and energy technology, and as a result you will get vehicles that are safer, produce less emissions and provide higher productivity.

Our design and engineering teams help you to create these future-proof vehicles for different segments, from smaller utility vehicles to heavy-duty mobile machinery: all-terrain vehicles, harvesters, tractors, and farming vehicles as well as mining machines.

Electrification and Electrical Drivetrain

Modern machines and equipment utilize electricity. We have a solution for all uses of electricity. Electricity enables environmentally sustainable solutions from energy sources to the operating environment. We design future’s intelligent, efficient, and eco-friendly electric technologies and vehicle/machine systems. This also includes battery assemblies, charging systems and electrical drivetrains.

Intelligent Control

Real-time control systems are part of many solutions. Designing to meet hard real-time requirements is challenging, but solutions by Huld can be found in everything from satellites to industrial measurement equipment. As device unit cost is in most cases a factor, it is also crucial to design the solution to use the minimum amount of resources. This is in part facilitated by partnerships with technology partners such as Arm® Mbed™.

Creating new services and business models with digital technologies

Many companies in the machines and vehicles industry are looking for ways to build new service business models to provide more value across the ecosystem of customers, suppliers, distributors, partners and other stakeholders. Utilizing data produced by production environments and your products delivered to the market will help you to optimize your processes and gain competitive edge, efficiency and innovation capability in your R&D.

With business design methodologies and solid expertise on modern digital technologies we can help you to be more competitive by creating innovative service business models and implementing digital services that exceed the end user’s expectations. Our service portfolio can support you throughout the whole lifecycle, from early phase ideation to production and continuous improvement. ​

Kosti Niemelä

Business Unit Director
Machines and Vehicles
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Kosti Niemelä

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