Medical Devices

Medical devices help doctors diagnose diseases and save lives of patients

We help you to make sure your medical devices are safe, secure and easy to use

Medical devices help doctors diagnose diseases and save lives of patients. Safety and reliability of medical devices is, of course, paramount, but usability and expert design can also be game changers when launching a product. New technologies like machine learning are also increasingly being applied in the medical device context.

Our experience and services

Certified Quality

Huld is ISO 13485 certified and has significant experience in working with medical device related standards such as IEC 62304 for software and IEC 60601-1 for hardware. Our experience with medical devices covers everything from early design and usability to supporting ramp-up of production.

Design and Usability

Good design and usability are key competitive advantages also for medical devices. Huld’s team of award-winning designers can help you take the product to the next level, while maintaining compliance to standards like IEC 62366.

Connected Devices

It’s not only about designing medical devices, but more and more often devices need to be connected to cloud to provide services for various stakeholders, e.g. doctors, nurses, researchers and patients. Device management, asset management and data collection are typical use cases that require connectivity for the devices. End users have access to the devices, data collected from the devices and value-added services through mobile, web or other user interfaces. And needless to say, without risking security and privacy of the most sensitive data.

New Technologies

New technologies are making inroads into medical devices. Huld is at the forefront of applying new technologies, also in medical devices. Whether your interest is machine vision or the application of hyperspectral imaging, Huld can help you get there.

Connected Low-Power Solutions

In many situations, connected control devices need to get by with very low power. This is especially true for battery powered devices. In these cases, Huld’s expertise on low-power Bluetooth solutions is very valuable, as is our general experience in designing for efficiency.

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