We help forward-looking customers to create competitive and efficient solutions to their customers

Using technology to solve society’s problems is our present groundwork and our future. Looking ahead today we already designed and deployed AI systems of tomorrow in space and on ground, from exploring the Sun to keeping our railway traffic safe. We embrace the increasing use of opportunities of digitalisation and automation to generate value for our customers combining our product design and data analytics expertise; no matter if it is a complex heavy machinery project or automating outdated pen and paper processes. Read More

Our culture is based on our values

  • We are ambitious professionals with insight.
  • We care about people and the surrounding world.
  • We are enthusiastic about our work and technology.
  • We want to find the best solutions for our clients.
  • We work towards a more intelligent future.

Huld was born when RD Velho and SSF joined forces – see news from 6.2.2020