Nature Near Human with InnoGreen Modular Green Walls

InnoGreen is a Finnish growth company that introduces nature in our daily lives. The Finnish company InnoGreen brings nature back to us as we knew it before. Human well-being is indisputably affected by nature and green spaces around us. That is why InnoGreen offers varying innovative green solutions that can be built both indoors and outdoors. Green plants help to reduce stress, make environments more attractive and help us to concentrate and perform at work. With interior green design, it is possible to improve job satisfaction and well-being, and even to increase the company profit.

InnoGreen’s most popular product are modular green walls designed for indoor spaces. As to the selected wall’s size and planted foliage, the company will offer its customers a wide range of available options. InnoGreen takes pride in being able to offer its customers individual, adjustable green walls designed for a variety of purposes. Huld’s experts were asked to join the company’s product development team to help make green wall solutions even more usable and flexible. In the project, the team examined green walls at all their aspects: materials, production, structure, and design as well as the product’s installation properties.

“With the modular structure designed by Huld, our green walls are now easier to adjust and use. We can effectively offer a wide variety of solutions that meet the client’s needs”, says founding member of InnoGreen Jaakko Pesonen.

Better Green Wall Usability with Modular Structure

The process of product development was initiated with examining the walls’ materials and structure. In order to make the product more flexible, it became evident that the wall has to be modular. All parts of the green wall were redesigned to give the wall greatly improved usability. The wall can now be installed by one person only, a job that previously needed to be carried out by at least two persons. Thanks to the redesign, both time and costs needed for installation were reduced. Structure material thicknesses have also been optimized, which made the product structure easier to handle. With the new dimensions, the green wall now requires even less floor space. This enables green wall installation also in smaller spaces.

Significant Business Impact with Product Development

Thanks to modular design, the company was able to cut down the number of parts needed for wall construction and consequently reduce the need of storage. The new modular concept makes it also possible to build both one-sided and double-sided walls using the same components.

To achieve manufacturability, it was essential that the redesigned product was described very closely so that the varying components could be bought more effectively from suppliers. Huld took also care of competitive tendering of suppliers of the needed materials and components on InnoGreens behalf. All components were designed to fit product manufacturers’ machines, which gave a significant, up to 40 percent reduce in production costs.

“The project’s results were a most positive surprise for us. Thanks to the new design and supplier changes, our production costs are now significantly lower than before, which has given a clear boost to our business”, Pesonen says.

Pictures © Innogreen