Huld and the Coronavirus: Stay humane and bold

The Coronavirus came fast and disturbs our society in many unexpected and powerful ways. It also has an effect in Huld’s business; in the way we collaborate internally and with our customer community; and in our international reach.

We at Huld take the Coronavirus seriously, and obey the following principles, to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and staff in Europe. The measures aim to keep the businesses up and running to the best extent, seen the serious circumstances:

  1. We restrict travelling abroad and in Finland
  2. We encourage remote work, when feasible
  3. We cancel our internal seminars and customer events
  4. We aim to have meetings using remote connections
  5. We encourage increased communication in all its remote forms: phonecalls, chats, videoconferences, digital hangout spaces

Internally and in the customer interface, we ensure that should a Huldian get infected, all necessary measures are taken to prevent further infection and the most effective healing, by quarantenes and healthcare measures. We maintain scenario planning for personnel infections, also taking into account our staff’s families and potential serious consequences of the pandemia.

Our management group follows the national, official Corona -updates constantly and reacts immediately when necessary.