Huld – one of the best workplaces in Finland!

Huld was awarded for the fourth time among the best workplaces in Finland.

For the last four times, Huld has been ranked among the best workplaces in Finland in the midsize organization category. This year’s ranking was the 17th best! Thank you Huldians!

Developing a corporate culture is a valuable and rewarding job

As a growth company, Huld has been in constant change. The company has recruited new talent through recruitment and the merger of Space Systems Finland in September 2019. In the midst of change, building a common corporate culture has been central.

“It’s great to see how the two corporate cultures fit together so naturally. We wanted to build a new story for all of us, which became concrete last week when we started our journey as Huldians. This ranking in GPTW is for all Huldians! We care about each other and face the future breavely together. It’s great to be part of the Huld family”, comments Mika Kiljala, CEO of Huld.

Dare to care and share the daring

Values ​​are an integral part of corporate culture and day-to-day management. Huld stands for HUmane and boLD. We care about each other and face the future with courage. We have focused on the fundamental issues; employee well-being, open and constructive discussion, good working atmosphere and the principle of dare to care. Open discussion of grievances will enable change and development towards a better work community.

“Huld has been building it’s corporate culture on a long-term and systematically. At the heart of Huld’s corporate culture is people and caring about people. In everyday life, it can bee seen as open communication, employee engagement, and support for development. According to our research, Huld also excels at balancing work and leisure. At Huld, corporate culture is a strategic choice for management and is driven by their set of values. By doing so, Huld has succeeded in creating a good workplace where the staff feels valued”, comments Petra Helle-Kari, Corporate Culture Specialist at Great Place To Work.

There are now over 400 Huldians and Huld is looking for more visionary and ambitious professionals who work with passion and care about the world around us. Would you be the next Huldian?

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We humanize technology and create an intelligent world. We work where the physical and digital worlds meet. We see beyond tomorrow and bring our customers’ technological solutions to the next level.

We address today’s challenges with Business Digitalization, Technology and Product Development as well as Safety and Security. We offer the full product development lifecycle from industrial design to software engineering.

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