RD Velho and SSF are now Huld – aiming at the peak of European technological design

RD Velho and SSF (Space Systems Finland) are now Huld. The company employs over 400 people in Finland and Central Europe (the Czech Republic) and has a turnover of over 30 million euros. The new growth company, generated by the merge and the brand reform, humanizes technology and builds intelligent product and software solutions for world beyond tomorrow.

Huld represents Scandinavian design, humane and effective technology, and bold visions for the future. The company implements, for its customers, business solutions of the future that combine the physical and the digital worlds, as well as offers insight and understanding of the digital transformation, information security, and advanced data analytics.

“Technology and humane design enable us to resolve the challenges posed by the changing world. We build intelligent solutions that carry into tomorrow and beyond together with our customers,” says Huld’s CEO Mika Kiljala.

International customers currently account for over EUR 3 million of Huld’s turnover. Next, the company seeks international growth in markets where the digital revolution of the industrial sector is progressing fast. The company’s goal is to gain a foothold as a European expert in technological design.

Huld is humane and bold

Huld comes from the words humane and bold. The staff that cares about each other and the customers, and has an eager and visionary attitude to technology, is a key asset to the company. Huld has a bold view on how technology can be used to resolve the challenges posed by the modern world.

Although technology is at the core of the company’s business operations, the wish to make technological solutions more effective and humane are essential values of the company. Huld has long traditions in implementing solutions that are safe and secure, both in terms of digital security and functional safety.

“All operators that produce technological solutions must consider the technology also from the point of view of people and their safety. It is our responsibility to ensure that the technological solutions of the future that we develop are efficient and safe to use. We also want to gain a reputation as an excellent employer that supports the well being of the entire working community,” explains Huld’s Vice President Veera Sylvius.

Further information: 

CEO Mika Kiljala, tel. +358 40 545 3760

Vice President Veera Sylvius, tel. +358 9 6132 86 64