A cyber security strategy as part of the smart city district

Kangas is the most significant area development project in Jyväskylä Finland and a smart city district. Smart solutions and security have been taken into consideration in all aspects. In the cyber security strategy prepared together with Huld, cyber and information security is combined with solutions related to the security of the physical world.

ICT solutions of the Smart City are an important part of the security of the Kangas area. The most important of the smart ICT solutions include electric locking, smart and real-time monitoring of energy consumption, and new parking solutions.

Kangas is a new housing district that is being developed and constructed in Jyväskylä, and a smart city area. “In practice this means that we want to try and build a new digital and smart housing environment”, says the Project Manager of the Digitalisation of Smart City projects Mika Kataikko.

Huld proved its capability

Before the project was initiated, the city put the preparation of the cyber security strategy out to tender. According to Kataikko, Huld proved its capability in its tender and was selected as the author of the strategy.

“They have done the planning and specification work with us, says Kataikko. Cyber security and digitalisation should always be treated as a whole. Cyber security, information security, and the security of the physical world are essentially linked to all aspects of constructing a digital environment and digital solutions”, says Kataikko.

Cyber secure cities all around Finland

Kataikko has spent many hours in conference rooms and specification workshops together with Huld’s experts in relation to the project.

These hours reflect the expertise they have, says Kataikko with a smile.

A large amount of infrastructure is currently being constructed in Finland and many cities are constructing new city districts. In Kataikko’s view, it is of utmost importance that all city districts be constructed in a cyber secure manner.