EnerKey – Responsible energy management

EnerKey is the leading energy management system in the Nordic countries for the energy management of properties and property masses. Through the system and related services, EnerKey helps customers achieve significant savings, enables easier energy management, and supports the promotion of sustainable development.

Analytics, diverse visualisation, and situation awareness related to energy consumption

The EnerKey system offers analytics, diverse visualisations, situation awareness data, and automated consumption alarms related to energy consumption. The diverse entity also includes emission reports, cost reports, and energy management tools.

Huld acts as EnerKey’s software development partner in the development of the EnerKey system.

Cooperation with Huld has been smooth. Their experts have been skilled and cooperation has been excellent in all respects, says Director of Software Development  Eija Kestilä from EnerKey.

A forerunner in the development of SaaS services

The constant passion to develop and improve forms the basis of EnerKey’s flexible and modern software development model. Various updating opportunities have been observed in the development of the system from the very beginning to ensure that the system is as sustainable and developing as possible in the long run. Special attention is paid in software development to scaling architecture and efficient and functional tools. The tools used for the development are mainly those provided by Microsoft. The system is constantly developed through good cooperation both internally and with various interest groups.

Cooperation with EnerKey has been especially interesting and beneficial because EnerKey’s software development model is exceptionally advanced. In particular, the automated DevOps chain from the software developer’s desktop to production through testing has been taken onto a level that is rarely seen, says Huld’s Business Unit Director Kimmo Kaario.

Facts about EnerKey

  • ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 verified
  • Predictability to energy expenses, facilitates easy budgeting and reporting of energy expenses
  • Creates a basis for more efficient processing of energy invoices and for the invoicing of tenants
  • Enables the management, prioritisation, and scheduling of energy efficiency measures
  • Enables the feeding of consumption figures whenever and wherever by using a mobile device