Flexible technical documentation solution for Framery’s sound-insulated work premises

Framery is a forerunner in its field that manufactures and develops sound-insulated work premises that enhance the wellbeing at the workplace. Framery’s products are used to solve noise and privacy problems in the offices of various leading international brands, including Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, and PWC.

From the very beginning, it has been vital for Framery that their products are installed correctly. The users can spend long periods of time in the work premises, for which reason the conditions must be safe and healthy for them. Framery has for years worked towards ensuring that the lighting, soundproofing, and ventilation systems operate reliably. Framery’s products are developed constantly based on user needs, meaning that flexible operating methods are needed for the reuse and updating of documentation. Correct and comprehensive user and installation instructions play a vital role in ensuring the correct start-up and servicing of the products.

Technical documentation is a vital part of Framery’s developing entity. Cooperation with Huld supports the requirements set for documentation by continuous product development. We can always update and manage the documentation flexibly when our products are developed further based on customer needs, says Team Leader, Technical Documentation & Certification Pasi Julin from Framery.

The structural documentation solution speeds up operations and saves resources

Huld implemented an online help solution for Framery that makes servicing and installation instructions easily available to installers and the service personnel. Structural documentation makes the updating of the instructions more flexible and cost-efficient. The documentation can be reused and edited flexibly. Special attention has been paid in the solution to usability in order to ensure that the user can find what they are looking for easily.

Huld’s experts have speeded up the commencement of structural documentation at Framery. We have been able to concentrate on our core operations when Huld’s experts have given us ready views and operating models, says Pasi Julin with satisfaction.

Huld’s experts have also participated in the start-up of the solution in order to ensure that its benefits are reflected in Framery’s operations as quickly as possible. Continuous cooperation has been beneficial to both parties.

It has been very important for Huld to ensure that structural documentation can be taken into use efficiently to make the most out of it, says Emmi Helanne, who is responsible for Huld’s technical documentation.