Hospital Nova of Central Finland – A smart hospital of the future

A completely new hospital will be completed in the Central Finland Central Hospital area in Kukkumäki during 2020. The patients and activities are the key starting points for its design.

A group of Huld’s experts have for several years supported the ICT team of the new hospital project. The aim of the ICT team has been to create a completely new ICT infrastructure and to utilise the latest technologies. In the smart hospital of the future, information systems and solutions facilitate more efficient allocation of working time to interaction with patients and nursing work. The aim of ICT is to support and enhance the efficiency of activities on the premises, and to automate routine tasks, eliminate errors, optimise the processes and targeting of treatments, and enhance logistics.

The first central hospital built in the 21st century will start operations in 2020

Huld’s experts have, among others, helped in turning the goals of the new hospital into concrete and feasible ICT entities. Collecting the expectations and requirements of the parties helped in simplifying the technical architecture and in taking account of the importance of common goals.

The practical expertise of Huld’s experts has helped us make decisions that ensure the timely progress of the entire project, says ICT Project manager Juhani Paavilainen.

Plans drawn up years ago are materialising now that the preparations to commence Hospital Nova have started. At the present, the ICT team concentrates on various ICT procurements and the planning of integration architecture.

Facts about Hospital Nova

  • Located in Kukkumäki in Jyväskylä
  • Total size approx. 106,800 gross m2 (+ 12,800 gross m2 kitchen and parking facility) = 120,000 gross m2
  • Cost estimate: Construction EUR 411 million + medical devices and ICT systems = EUR 500 million
  • Year of completion: 2020
  • Number of examination and reception rooms: 360
  • Number of ward beds: 368
  • Number of surgery rooms: 24
  • Number of delivery rooms: 10

Illustration: © JKMM Arkkitehdit Oy