Huld enables Spinnova to provide the right information at the right time and in the right place

Fiber technology company Spinnova is developing a new technology using textile fiber that’s based on cellulose fiber, waste streams, and recycled materials. Huld has contributed to Spinnova’s continued growth.

The collaboration between Spinnova and Huld is largely focused on IT services. Thus far the bulk of this work has dealt with IT architectures, process development adhering to the modern concept of ”Industry 4.0”, as well as developing information systems and all manner of solutions.

”We have commissioned Huld for various tasks. We have mainly utilized their expertise in IT services, but we have also worked together on 3D design and 3D printing,” says Sanna Haavisto, product development specialist for Spinnova.

Shared approaches and processes

According to Haavisto, cooperating with Huld has been seamless all along. Jointly determined ways of operating make things simple. Haavisto commends Huld for its approach:

”The way Huld brings out its experts and how the company has set up this collaboration has worked really well.”

”Of course, a lot of it goes back to the individuals we’ve worked with,” she adds.

Open dialogue informs the way

If it wasn’t for Huld, Spinnova would surely see much more of its paperwork pile up. Employees would need to manually record and link information far more often. Now that processes involving the collection, recording, and linking of information are largely automated, the need for manual labor is reduced to a minimum.

”It is essential to provide the right information at the right time and in the right place,” Haavisto says.

Haavisto sums up her thoughts on the collaboration: ”I have been very pleased to work with Huld. Everything we’ve agreed on has been done without hassle. We have also engaged in open dialogue wherever needed. Together we have found common ground and arrived at optimal solutions.”