Huld Participated in Mechanical Design of Valtra’s New A-series of Tractors

Huld took part in designing a new A-series tractor for Valtra. In addition to new motors and transmission, even a brand new Valtra G8 cabin was introduced to the market.

As far as mechanical design and industrial design goes, the goal was to create an easy-to-use working machine with out-of-the-ordinary driving comfort, complete with characteristics that can be modified according to various working conditions and needs.

“Thanks to this project, we now have a modern and more effective working machine in this power category, that is, 75–130 horsepower smaller machines. The new, stylish cabin is ergonomic and especially well protected against noise. The visibility is also perfect in all directions”, says Ville Viitasalo, Valtra’s Chief of Product Development.

Huld took care of modifying the AGCO Common Platform to meet the needs of both Valtra’s customers and the production line in Suolahti, Finland.

“In practice, they had to modify the existing platform to make it suitable, and to design appropriate supplementary parts and modules. All this called for coordination of several subareas to make the system work without friction. The Huldians tackled this demanding development phase with flying colors”, Viitasalo praises.


The number four in the A4 model series stands for fourth generation tractors. These multi-functional and powerful working machines are truly the tractor of choice, both when working on a farm and in various contracting projects. 

From Prototype to Mass Production – All Needs Met

Designing these A-series tractors was launched three years ago, and Huld has been a part of the process ever since.

“We started out pretty much from scratch and moved on to develop and adopt new ways of working by using the Common Platform system. Huld was able to provide us with the concise team we asked for, and to make them work from one site only. This enabled us to adopt different methods and apply new versions of transmission solutions and hydraulics, and to develop them when the situation changed”, Viitasalo continues.

Huldians were especially praised for their partnership skills. They committed to the project as eagerly as Valtra’s own designers.

“For me, the real accomplishment of the project is that Huld, our partner from the outside, was able to introduce its experts into the process even though we had so much to learn about the new practices ourselves. Huld’s designers have a special talent in understanding what our production asks for, what the problems that arise in prototype phase can be, and what changes are necessary before we can launch mass production. These have all been invaluable for the project’s success.”

Valtra’s A-series is manufactured both in the Suolahti factory in Finland, and in Brazil. Sales are concentrated on international markets mainly in Europe. After a positive beginning, the cooperation between these two actors continues as Huld is very much taking part in the ongoing design of a new generation tractor.

More information:
Timo Rauma
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A member of the AGCO Concern, Valtra Oy Ab is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries, and one of the most popular brands in Latin America. Valtra develops and manufactures Valtra tractors and takes care of their marketing and maintenance. The tractors are tailor-made according to the customer’s needs. Valtra is one of AGCO corporation’s five international trademarks. The Valtra brand has its place of business in Suolahti, Finland, also housing the entire AGCO Concern product development department.