Idesco: Access Touch 4.0

Huld provided Idesco Access Touch 4.0 software process with a continuous integration and automatic testing. Access Touch 4.0 is a new generation RFID-reader with touchscreen, suitable for access control and worktime tracking applications controlled with a user interface.

Huld was chosen as the product development partner when Idesco needed automation to test a device, and at the same time an insight of the status of Access Touch 4.0 software, also regarding its security.
“The purpose of the product development project was to bring continuous integration (CI) and automatic testing as new components to Idesco software development project”, says Software Engineer Esa Mehtätalo.

Huld implemented CI and testing automation with a freeware tool called Jenkins.

“Automated testing is implemented with a test suite customized for Idesco, which contains a comprehensive amount of test scripts. To run them we brought along Jenkins and created the required amount of work projects there, so that the software of the device can be tested automatically”, says Mehtätalo.