Kemppi: Technical documentation

The requirements of technical documentation have increased year by year and there is more demand for efficiency in technical documentation – just like in all other processes. The way Kemppi supercharged its documentation was by outsourcing it to Huld.

Kemppi leaned on Huld, when a large product development project required a temporary increase of technical documentation resources.

– At the same time we recognized the need to develop our technical documentation and we needed an outside view for that. Furthermore, we wanted to raise the visual level of our manuals and make use of the CAD pictures in a sensible and cost-effective way, says Jari Kettunen, the product development manager at Kemppi Ltd.

Huld implemented structural technical documentation for Kemppi, which means that the same material is used in several different places. The content has been split to topics, which facilitates managing the content modules and their publishing in different formats.

– In modular documentation, even if the same issues are repeated, they are only written once. That way the same building block can be used flexibly in several locations. Furthermore, you can use the same source to publish documentation for different platforms rather deftly, says Huld Competence Manager Lassi Sutela. Along with the development project, Kemppi’s user guides, service manuals, and training material are more easily utilizable and updatable using a network-based service.