Long-term partnership for software development

Huld has acted as a software partner for Aidian since 2012. Among others, Huld has supported in the maintenance and development of a software tools used in QuikRead go® and Orion GenRead® instruments.

“Huld has demonstrated excellence, flexibility and technical competence. With Huld, the collaboration is easy and the outputs are meeting the quality and schedule requirements. Huld has proven their value as trustworthy software developer. At Aidian we value commitment and high quality. Therefore we are very pleased with our collaboration with Huld”, says Ossi Korhonen, R&D Manager at Aidian.

Huld has demonstrated excellence, flexibility and technical competence.

Aidian is a Finnish-based IVD company with almost 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tests especially for primary care. Aidian offers the best solutions and service with a customer-focused mindset, high-quality products and agile operations. With a strong can-do attitude we aim to provide flexible solutions to our customers’ specific needs.