Thanks to smart caring solutions, nurses have more time for people

9Solutions is the leading supplier of location-based safety and communications systems and smart care solutions. 9Solutions aims to meet the future needs and challenges of healthcare services by developing humane solutions that make the work of nurses easier and support the independent living of senior citizens. The company’s solutions are being used by over 1,100 healthcare organisations at hospitals, care homes, and home care.

9Solutions Oy’s turnover has increased rapidly for several years. Huld has contributed to the company’s growth by planning the mechanics, design, and software of the equipment for over a decade. The diverse and up-to-date expertise of Huld’s experts has enabled the optimal utilisation of the latest technologies, such as 3D printing, in the product development. Huld’s experts have participated in the development of e.g. the wristband, nurse call, and access control products.

Huld’s experts have insight into the utilisation of new technology, also on a practical level. I have been very satisfied with the results of our long-lasting cooperation, says CEO Sami Herrala from 9Solutions.

Huld has participated in the development of several care solutions.

Thanks to the care home and hospital solutions, nurses have more time for care work.

The 9Solutions service house and –hospital solution offer the locating nurse call, personal safety, access control, device locating, and other features that enhance efficiency and safety in one system. The solutions have been carefully designed for the everyday operations of care homes and hospitals, are technically reliable, and have excellent usability. Devices and user interfaces are easy to understand and use, and adjust flexibly to each customer’s processes. Efficient and real time communication helps reduce unnecessary and overlapping work.

Huld developed mechanics, design, software, production testing, and system testing for the solutions.

Smart access control Handl-e enhances the safety and privacy of care home residents

The smart access control Handl-e provides care home residents keyless access to their own room and nurses unrestricted access to resident premises. With Handl-e, the door opens automatically when the user touches the handle located outside the door. The personal safety wristlet of the resident, the nurse’s safety button, or a smart phone application serve as digital entrance IDs.

Huld developed the mechanics of the solution, which can be integrated with various door and lock types, unlike the competing products.