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Wärtsilä: A New Generation of Four-Stroke Engines

Fennia Prize is one of the biggest design competitions in Finland. Huld took prize-winning Wärtsilä’s new family of engines and processed their design concepts into functional mechanical solutions.

“Wärtsilä’s new generation of four-stroke engines is a perfect example of what combining product styling and mechanical design can produce at its best. The project was carried out in close collaboration with Wärtsilä, which enabled us to closely consider our common goals and to meet parallel design demands”, says Huld’s head of customer relations Mikael Svenlin.

Huld’s part in the project was to go through the four-stroke engine family design concepts and refine them into functional mechanical solutions. The design process was carried out considering not only operating reliability but also the usability, manufacturability, and serviceability of the final products.

“This project enabled us to use our core competency and apply several areas of our expertise. We see the product development process as a whole, looking at the product from both the product’s and the end user’s perspective. “Short time-to-market combined with a competitive product – that is our goal, every time. We want our clients to watch their sales curve rocket”, says Svenlin.