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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing stands for performance and efficiency. Whether you need support in your initial concept design or simulation driven optimization – or anything between – we have solutions for you.

Competitiveness with AM

Additive manufacturing offers a new opportunities to create better products and why would you settle for anything less. This is how we’ve helped our customers to get fresh ideas, new innovative products and new business opportunities.

  1. Survey and identify the potential
  2. Design for AM from concept development to optimized next generation products
  3. Train your engineers to work efficiently with AM

Watch from the video, why additive manufacturing is so revolutionary:

Watch the breaking AM-series from Huld’s YouTube!

Breaking AM is about putting AM parts to the test. Huld designs the parts using the latest design technology and 3D Formtech manufactures them with state-of-the-art industrial 3D-printers. Parts are designed to withstand a specific load which we push to the limit and beyond, till they break.

What AM parts would you like to see pushed past the limit on Breaking AM?

Examples of our Additive Manufacturing designs

Lightweight frame

Welded aluminum plates were no option for this demanding industrial application. Achieved weight reduction was 80 % and 17 parts combined into one.

Hydraulic bolt tensioner -concept

Hydraulic bolt tensioners are used to achieve axial preload to bolt before tightening. Typically they consist dosen separate parts but Huld accepted the challenge to design it using only one.

Part was tested with over 100 bar pressure which caused M27 bolt (10.9) to lengthen over 2 mm.

Monitor holder

Unique monitor holder was designed and delivered under 3 weeks from customer request.

Two parts, adjustable viewing anly, clean and intact outlook within fraction of the time the customer was used to.

Flow channel

Machining is accurate and AM is flexible. Why not to use both in same product?

This flow geometry was designed from a scratch and 3D-printed straight on top of premachined flange for technology leader in process industry.

Project achievements:

  • Cost: -30 %
  • Parts: 7 to 2
  • Functionality: -60 % powerloss
  • Enabled modular product

Spare parts

Less waiting, on demand manufacturing & more competitive spare part business.

That’s what AM enables and Huld AM team delivers:

  1. Part screening
  2. Decrease part cost
  3. Develop digital spare part library

As we did with the IN718 nozzle ring, 316L hanger and tens of other spare parts.

Enhanced hydraulics

Have you seen river with sharp edges and 90° turns? We either. Because it makes no sense.

Therefore our AM team optimize flow, size and weight of hydraulic manifolds resulting significantly less wasted energy.

By using less you truly get more!

Contact us to find out more about these designs and what we could design for you!

Success stories

European Space Agency ESA

Huld supports ESA in exploring embedded intelligence in satellites


Valmet and the potential of Additive Manufacturing

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Mass Production of Today = A Massive Guessing Machine

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Instead of using this current massive guessing machine it is also possible to change the entire course of the manufacturing industry and make it more reasonable. What if the end users could design the needed product by themselves, with the help of an automated design machine?

World’s first wooden satellite prepares for launch

World’s first wooden satellite prepares for launch

UPM Plywood, Arctic Astronautics and Huld announce a joint mission to launch the first ever wooden satellite, WISA Woodsat TM, into Earth’s orbit in 2021.