Huld Is at the Core of Making Health Care More Cyber Secure

Written by Olli Pitkänen

Societies are constantly becoming more intelligent. Simultaneously, they also face growing cyber security threats. In network-based activities, cyber threats can be critical for the operations carried out in several different branches. This is especially true for public administration organizations. Huld’s experts follow up closely with the development and support our clients to prepare for these challenges.

Huld took part in a pilot exercise on cyber security in health care where Finnish operators in the field of health care were developing their readiness in cyber security related matters. During the pilot, the participants practiced incident management in a multi-operator environment. The exercise was organized by JYVSECTEC, a cyber security research, development and training center at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences ICT Institute. Several partners in various branches of activity also took part in the exercise.

Huld’s experts have a comprehensive knowledge of matters related to cyber security such as technical expertise, cyber security management skills and an excellent understanding of security-related regulations and legislation and the demands they pose for public administration organizations. In the exercise, our consults provided expert assistance in analyzing disruptions and planning the actions they required. In addition, we helped the participating health care organizations to assess how well their incident management processes function as part of the exercise.

3 Hard Facts About Cyber Security

  1. Taking care of cyber security is especially important not only for public administration organizations (such as health care service providers), but for several other actors that are constantly facing simultaneous demands of for example cyber security and functional safety.
  2. With well-organized, risk-based and properly dimensioned cyber security measures, the organizations are able to protect their vital functions and to avoid over-dimensioned security actions at objects of lesser importance.
  3. The ability to communicate and convey complicated technical information in an understandable way is one of the most important skills a cyber security expert can have – and that’s something we at Huld are exceptionally good at!

Huld’s experts help our clients in versatile issues concerning cyber security. We can offer a vast array of different cyber security services, both technical and administrative. One example of our service palette was used in the health care services pilot exercise, as we demonstrated our preparation and continuity management planning tasks. We cooperate with our clients in matters related to cyber security and functional safety. We work proactively, listen to our clients’ needs and react rapidly to changing demands in the environment.

Does your company need help in cyber security-related challenges? Let’s create a more intelligent and secure future together!

Tarmo Kellomäki
Director, Digital Security & Functional Safety
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