I Love Mondays!

Written by Susanna Pirinen

The vacation is over, and your daily routines start anew. We meet our colleagues and customers both virtually and face-to-face and catch up.

Even if your vacation was a success, your colleague’s might not have been. It’s good to remember that not everyone can come back to work batteries charged. For some, coming back to work might mean taking a break from personal matters or burdens. This doesn’t mean that one can’t be happy about their wonderful vacation, but it is important to be sensitive towards the different experiences of others.

When coming back to work, take time to plan your short- and long-term goals: where to start, who to talk to, and what to take note of, so that both your and your colleagues days start rolling again. Be bold and do the changes necessary. Wonder out loud what you see and witness → this enables you to understand your days more deeply, opening the door for a change.

Maybe during your vacation you created new empowering routines, that help you through your days? Hold on to them. The goal is to feel good and recover everyday, instead of living from vacation to vacation.

The situation in the world may weigh on you and take up energy too. You can take some time off from distressing news. As they say when flying: apply the oxygen mask to yourself first. The same wisdom is good to apply to your daily routines, taking care of yourself. Not one person alone can carry all the burden’s of the world on their shoulders, and they don’t need to either. To adopt this way of thinking, you might need to change your mindset consciously, but it will help you.

If rush and hurry catch up to you, take a moment to breath and step away look at the situation from afar. Surprisingly, many issues that first felt big are now smaller, when perceiving them from the other side of the galaxy.

Research and experience support nature’s healing capabilities. Instead of staying on the couch, go into nature. Open up your senses and enjoy!

Let’s enjoy this day, because yesterday is already gone and you never know about tomorrow.

Have a humane and bold week!