Unlock your full potential!

Written by Susanna Pirinen

We at Huld are committed to assure the same, high level of leadership to all our employees irrespective of their location and the leader. Therefore, we have invested in a License to Lead learning program for our Huld leaders.

One of the most important focus areas of the program is coaching. We believe that a generic development program would take us only to a certain level at the learning curve, but since we all are individuals with unique experiences, strengths, and development areas, it makes sense to offer individual leadership coaching for our leaders instead.

We focus on supporting our leaders’ personal well-being, capabilities, and self-knowledge. Once you know yourself, it becomes easier to be true to yourself and to be able to support your team members as well.

My personal leadership journey

It may feel terrifying to start the journey with a personal coach and to take the deep dive into personal surviving mechanisms and behavioural patterns. You must start by taking a good look at yourself in the mirror and by committing yourself to the development and change. This is where our values humane and bold are truly tested.

I have also started this personal leadership development myself. I enjoy self-reflection and development and see this as an opportunity I want to give a try. Based on the first couple of sessions, I can honestly say that I would have been a fool had I not utilized this training.

Before the first session, I was given a task to define the “challenge” I feel I have. It was narrowed down and crystallized in the first session. I received some homework, which I did with enthusiasm.

For me, the task, and the insight it gave were mind blowing. I was reflecting my social interaction in a certain context and realised how I behave in relation to others. I was able to first change my thinking and then behaviour, and I received immediate results:

  • I became more active, bold, and sharing.
  • I felt better than before in these social interactions.
  • I was connected to others, and I was accepted. One of the basic needs we all have is to be accepted as we are – so no rocket science here even if the context is the “boldest design house of the galaxy”…

Towards conscious leadership

Our co-operation partners in this development journey are Heltti and ELO. All the individual discussions are confidential, but Heltti will summarize possible organizational challenges, themes, or boundaries we may have at Huld to enable successful leadership.

Based on my personal experience the “challenges” or “boundaries” we seem to have often are found between our ears. Once we identify them and are given tools to tackle them, our life as well our colleagues’ lives will become better and easier. The interaction and co-operation both at work and on free time will improve impacting positively on personal well-being and on relationships.

But this is just my assumption, for now… Can’t wait to learn what the findings will be!