How does our experience in space technology add value to your organisation?

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Huld has 30 years experience in demanding space projects; especially in systems and software engineering. When we come and visit your organisation, many ask: what’s in it for us? And we are happy to answer:

Space is all about science and technology. We understand how the scientists boil their problem solving down to algorithms and software. The same research-implementation – process can be used for our clients projects in many industries – for example the medical device industry. On the other hand, the performance capacity of a spacecraft is limited – power must be saved so that the extra heat does not warm the electronics in the space void. Memory is scarce, since one must minimise the electric particles’ interaction with the semiconductors. The algorithms and the software must be optimised; nothing is done unless it is absolutely necessary. The software must be powerful. All this adds value to for example customers that work with small wrist-worn devices.

The space software can be updated in a very limited manner. Often the programming is done just once; like in the mission that flies to Mercurius. Only part of the software can be patched afterwards; the rest must just work –  or otherwise millions of euros and years of work is lost in space. This means tireless verification, validation and testing campaigns. No wonder that the know-how of functional safety is well used also in the areas of railway systems, power technology and many other industrial applications.

The multinational space programs are strictly managed. Prices are tight, profits small and schedules depend on how the other members of consortia manage their parts. We have learned how to price our projects and how to keep the schedules. We understand the requirements and are able to communicate the changes and the risks.

Some projects are short, many are longer and last over decades. We always respect the client; we know  collaborate continues also in the future. We tend to form a good team together with our customers, and form friendships, networks and trust. This is then reflected in the quality of work and the spirit: we feel and laugh together!

These are the learnings we proudly present, that we have learned from the space technology. We at Huld work with various space projects; and we wish to bring the space learnings also on ground. This is the kind of #Huldmagic that creates results!