Huld’s New Headquarter Open in Espoo

Huld is a technology design house, that combines design and engineering. We create innovative, reliable and safe solutions with our forward-looking customers. Huld has over 400 employees and 12 offices all around in Finland & Central Europe (the Czech Republic). New headquarter was opened in May in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

“Our new office is located to the heart of the Finnish technology. The central location makes traveling easier for our employees and customers. Quite many of our colleaques have been able to leave their cars at home and cycle to the office. It is easy to get here also by public transportation. The multifunctional office and spacious premises offer many options to find the most suitable workspace for each task.” tells Riku Rennicke, Espoo’s Site Manager.

High-Quality, Cosy & Multifunctional

“The amount of Huldians in the metropolitan area increased when RD Velho & SSF merged. Our old offices did not match our needs anymore. I am happy, that now we can offer a functional, spacious and modern working environment to the huldians.”, Riku Rennicke continues.

The brand elements are well present in the new office. All materials are of high quality and look and feel good. The inspiring view to the sea boosts creativity.

Heads up for the Future

Now the new office is still quiet. Most of the employees still work remotely because of the coronavirus. We will celebrate our new office with huldians and customers as soon as the virus situation is riskless.

We at Huld still believe that will soon be able to continue the normal work. We must face the challenging situations bravely and build a solid basis for a better future.

See you soon in Espoo!