Breaking AM together with 3D Formtech, Salmela Farm & VideoDrone

Breaking AM tests a generatively designed hook, manufactured by additive manufacturing (AM) from 316L stainless steel. The hook is designed to last a load of 600 kg, which get put to the test at Salmela Farm. What happens when that load is exceeded? Watch to find out…

Breaking AM is about putting AM parts to the test. Huld designs the parts using the latest design technology and 3D Formtech manufactures them with state-of-the-art industrial 3D-printers. Parts are designed to withstand a specific load which we push to the limit and beyond, till they break. What AM parts would you like to see pushed past the limit on Breaking AM?

This episode in part by:

Salmela Farm produces grain and grass seed for both organic and traditional farms.

VideoDrone Finland Oy is Finland’s first and leading manufacturer of drones designed for professional use. In addition to carbon fiber, 3D printing offers almost limitless possibilities for product design and manufacturing. Without 3D printing, it would not be possible to make cost-effective prototypes or small series that are tailored to customers’ requirements. We are very pleased to work with 3D-formtech.


Jasperi Kuikka,
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