Huld to collaborate with Airbus on a mission-critical IoT cybersecurity analysis

Helsinki, 04 April 2023 – As part of the AI-NET-ANTILLAS research project, Huld and Airbus will investigate the cybersecurity of a mission-critical IoT solution currently under development.  

Huld’s analysis of Airbus’ mission-critical IoT trial solution will be done in order to analyze technology readiness from a cybersecurity perspective and address possible discrepancies and the appropriate cybersecurity requirements for the future mission-critical IoT infrastructure. This will be done in accordance with ISA/IEC 62443. It is a global standard for securing industrial automation and control systems networks known as IACS.  

ISA/IEC 62443 helps organizations to reduce both the risk of failure and the exposure of IACS to cyber threats. The standard considers stakeholder groups, such as end users and operational service personnel, to conceptualize an environment of shared responsibility.  The scope of ISA/IEC 62443 couples operational requirements with information technology, process safety and cybersecurity 

Airbus uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to improve situational awareness and the safety of mission-critical operations. Airbus has already demonstrated the use of IoT technology in forest fires and is working together with its customers and in the AI-NET-ANTILLAS research project to explore new solutions for collecting real-time information from the field of operations using a variety of wearable and environmental sensors, including video and drones. Accurate situational awareness improves the safety of first responders working in dangerous operations.  

The AI-NET-ANTILLAS project is composed of 33 members from Finland, Germany, and France. The Finnish consortium, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, includes Huld Oy, Airbus Defence and Space Oy, and 8 other members. The research project aims at accelerating digital transformation in Europe by intelligent and secure network automation. In Finland, the project is funded by Business Finland.