Huld and Cactos Join Forces to Develop Cyber Security in the Energy Sector

Huld and Cactos, a manufacturer of smart electricity storage systems, are starting cooperation to develop cyber security. The aim is to respond to the high cyber security requirements of the energy industry, which are vital for security of supply. 

Cactos is known for innovative enterprise electricity storage solutions that are part of society’s critical infrastructure. Now, in collaboration with Huld, Cactos wants to further strengthen their cyber security capabilities. 

– Cyber security plays a key role in our product development. We wanted to partner with Huld’s experts, who have strong expertise in industrial security and key certifications, says Head of Software Development Kim Dikert from Cactos. 

Huld’s experts help Cactos’ development team build safe product to the highest safety standards. In addition, the NIS2 Directive which will enter into force in the EU in October 2024, will be considered in the development work. 

– Cactos has an excellent team and unique product in the industry. Huld is one of the leading industrial cyber security consultancies in Finland, and we operate in several industrial sectors, helping to develop compliance with standards, such as the IEC 62443. Cooperation with Cactos is inspiring on many levels, and we believe that new insights and even innovations will emerge on both sides, says Tarmo Kellomäki, Director, Digital Security & Functional Safety from Huld.  

Revolutionizing the Energy Sector of a New Generation  

Cactos is a pioneer in the energy sector, providing unique electricity storage solutions to the market. The company’s electricity storage facilities are integrated into properties, where they offer customers protection from electricity price changes, ensure the availability of reserve power and optimize the use of local electricity production. 

– Our electricity storage facilities are combined into a virtual power plant, which help support the stability of Finland’s main grid. This network enables growth in renewable energy production and evens out fluctuations between production and consumption, Dikert says. 

In December 2023, Cactos managed approximately 50 Cactos One electricity storage facilities around Finland. With the recent funding round, the company expects to increase the number of the facilities to approximately one thousand units. 

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