Mathias Fontell receives Young Physicist Prize 2019

The Finnish Physical Society (FPS) has awarded Mathias Fontell the Young Physicist Prize 2019 for his master’s thesis in space technology. Fontell earned his master’s degree from Aalto University in 2019.

After graduating from Aalto, Fontell started working as a software engineer at Huld. In his current role, he has produced performance-critical software for atmospheric monitoring satellites as part of the European Space Agency’s Copernicus-programme. The skies also fascinate Fontell in his free time, and he has recently started training to become an amateur pilot.

The thesis work for which this prize was awarded was arguably my first major project in computational physics. I’m very happy that I get to continue this kind of work at Huld!

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Congratulations Mathias!

Aalto University – The Finnish Physical Society
Photo © Laura Hujanen